Work doesn’t always happen at work: Why time tracker software is our only hope

by Lisarna Wynyard

In case you hadn’t noticed, the mobile workforce is on the rise. Like storm troopers of technology, today’s modern worker is armed to the teeth with mobile devices and a Wi-Fi connection. Capable of answering phone calls or emails anywhere and everywhere, this is a workforce that is the embodiment of efficiency.


Well, sort of.

In our book, you’re only truly efficient if you’re charging correctly for your time. What’s the benefit of all those emails on the run and phone calls on the fly if it isn’t bringing in revenue?


So what’s the answer?

To keep up with the modern, mobile working environment, you need a modern, mobile solution. Smart freelancers and busy professionals use time tracking apps to track emails and phone calls in real time. This simple and unobtrusive solution is the most efficient way to capture all those billable moments throughout your (mobile) day.

Work doesn’t always happen at work

It doesn’t matter if you’re working at a desk, from a beach in Hawaii or from your bedroom, these days there’s no excuse not to reply, pick up, text, tweet or whatever. Why? Because we have the technology, people!

Take, for example, an IT technician who is out on a job and takes a phone call from another client. With exemplary customer service, the IT technician solves the problem (thanks to remote access technology) and returns to the initial job. But that fine display of multi-tasking is only really only a win if the technician can accurately log time against both jobs without disrupting his or her workflow.

Or what about a management consultant billing by the hour and travelling between client offices all day long. Let’s be honest, most of us have the best intentions when it comes to tracking travel time, but it’s often a task that is left on the ‘to-do’ pile until the end of the week. And for our busy consultant who travels all week long, the last thing he or she wants to do on Friday afternoon is fill in a travel log.

Without a time management app that can keep up with the pace, it’s easy for that time to go unaccounted for. Even if it’s a short distance to travel, it all adds up over a day, a week and a month.

It shouldn’t take time to track time

So, how do you track your time as you jump between clients and phone calls throughout the day and on the go?

In the serial multi-tasking world of the modern working environment, the potential for lost charge-outs is huge especially when it comes to freelance time tracking. Commonly, time is tracked at the end of the day, the end of the week, or even (gasp) at the end of the month. If you’re not using an online time tracker as you work, the task of catching up on logging time is not an appealing prospect. And the potential for lost earnings is huge.

Time tracking software saves the day

Research tells us that only 20% of workers who charge billable hours do so in real time. So, that’s a whopping 80% of workers who aren’t tracking their time as they go and leaving it for “later”.  A recent study in the US of professionals who billed by the hour claimed that workers were losing an average of $50,000 in revenue per year due to the insufficient tracking of emails.

MicroManager is an online time tracking app that gives busy professionals a smart, efficient solution to record every minute of the day. It tracks time spent on phone calls, travel, and off-site meetings automatically via a smartphone app.

Find out more about MicroManager today. It could be the key to making you efficient and profitable.

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