Sales Managers Do More Than Just Manage the Team

by Lisarna Wynyard

To the outside world, the role of a sales manager may seem simple. After all, it’s the actual sales team that does all the real work, right? What some may fail to realize, however, is that sales managers often do a lot more than just manage the team. Away from the glory of making a big sale or closing an important deal; sales managers are doing a lot more than it seems at first glance.

Wearing Many Hats

The job of a sales manager is to lead and manage their team, but they often end up taking on several additional tasks. 

On any given week, a sales manager may:

·       Monitor sales team performance

·       Track sales team activities

·       Approve / process time sheets, call logs, etc

·       Set and manage sales goals

·       Train and mentor the team

·       Support the team with putting together proposals, pricing and deals

The focus, therefore, must be on ensuring that sales managers can effectively guide their team while also freeing them up for other responsibilities that support the sales team’s efforts. A team that is supported by their sales manager is a team that succeeds in making significant sales. 

Providing a Solution

Because sales managers may be pulled in so many directions, companies may notice a decline in sales from a staff who are lacking in coaching and direction.  To add insult to injury, it comes as no surprise that there is a 34% turnover rate amongst sales people, per a study conducted by Bridge Group. 

Without question, a significant amount of this turnover is due to lack of coaching and support from an overwhelmed sales manager.

Micromanager exists to help hourly employees keep track of the hours they spend working on various tasks.  From the management side, it allows sales managers to monitor team performance by allowing you to set billing targets, track performance and create real-time progress reports. It also syncs with popular cloud-based accounting systems to make invoicing quick and easy.

On the team side, Micromanager holds a variety of powerful tools that will make everyone’s life much easier.

·       Track and bill work automatically

·       Record time spent on calls or emails.

·       Track distance travelled

·       Record meeting notes with Dictaphone feature

No more call sheets, manual time logs, or meeting reports scrawled on a piece of paper and a clipboard. Sales teams benefit from a powerful tool to support their sales activities and management benefits by being able to monitor team performance efficiently.

A Powerful Tool for Sales Managers

When sales managers are buried beneath paperwork, they aren’t providing support to the employees who work under them. This is only adding fuel to the fire of an abysmal retention rate. When sales teams are provided with the right tools to do their job, their performance is improved.

When sales managers are supported with the tools they need to keep their lives easier, everyone benefits. Wearing many hats comes with the territory of a sales manager, but thanks to Micromanager, those hats will fit much better.

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