Manual Time Logs Are Redundant (Automated Time Sheets Are In!)

by Lisarna Wynyard

Every sales professional’s least favorite part of their job is tracking time. What’s worse, some companies are still using outdated manual time logs instead of embracing 2017 and going digital. If your sales pros are spending time each week trying to remember all the calls, meetings, and client interactions they’ve had over the last several days; they’re not doing it right!

Manual time logs are a mess for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that they’re redundant. Here’s why: 

Unnecessary Waste of Time

There must be a more efficient way for team members to track their daily activities than to manually log them on a piece of paper at the end of their shift.  While the benefits of knowing exactly what your employee has spent their day accomplishing is invaluable, the amount of time spent completing such a menial task is less than productive.  Imagine seeing a time log written in earnest honesty:

1 hour: Assisting customer

.5 hour: Promoting sales

.25 hour: Break

1 hour: Marketing plan

.5 hour: Assisting customer

.25 hour: Completing sale

1 hour: Logging activities


In the world of hourly employees, time is of the essence. To the business, time is money. We’re not convinced that spending time completing such a tedious task is the best possible use of that time, or will yield the best return on investment. You shouldn’t be either!

Unreliable Information

Time logs tend to be low on the list of employee priorities. Because of this, time logs are typically not filled out in real time. Many sales managers, in fact, remark that they find themselves regularly chasing down their staff to complete their time logs for payroll to be completed. If you’re a sales manager, you’re no doubt nodding your head about now.

This lag in recording
means that quite a lot of time logs are then completed incorrectly since employees rely on their memory to recall what they completed a week or more ago.  If they reflect incorrect and therefore unreliable information, then what is the purpose in continuing to utilize them?  

Use Automated Time Sheets Instead

Now technology is used to help make our lives more efficient.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an app that could track your staff’s day to day activities in real time so they aren’t wasting time logging hours that don’t necessarily reflect accurate information? 

How convenient would it be for sales managers to be able to have access to their staff’s time logs in one secure location, rather than have paper logs strewn all over the office? Aren’t automated time sheets a better way?

Yes. And Micromanager can help. Our GPS time tracking app automatically tracks staff member’s tasks throughout the day, making manual time logs a thing of the past. 

Employees will benefit from an automated time sheet system that takes the pencil and paper out of the equation. Sales managers benefit from real-time, accurate sales tracking software. It’s a win-win for any sales team looking to bring their time tracking efficiency into the digital age. 

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