How Sales Manager can Monitor Sales Team Performance

by Lisarna Wynyard

Sales managers are faced with a choice: do you make tough budget cuts, or do you look for ways to save on daily operational duties? While it may be easier to simply slash your team’s budget, is it the correct plan of attack?

Lean-driven business thinking is still a top priority for companies, but programs like Six Sigma aren’t always designed with sales in mind. When your team doesn’t manufacture, it can be easy to assume the problem is expenses when it’s often how resources are being used.

Time is Money

Before implementing expensive new sales programs, and the subsequent training that goes along with it, there may be an easier solution. Most teams are unknowingly wasting huge amounts of time each day, and many potential solutions makes this problem worse.

With better time tracking, and a better way for managers to monitor sales team performance, more time can be devoted to tasks that matter and cut out the waste. With the powerful all-in-one tools of MicroManager, you can track sales call length and travel times as well as set billing targets and monitor results in real-time. 

Cutting down on wasted time is step one in your mission to improve efficiency and make the best use of your sales team’s time. 

More Productive Meetings

If the most productive thing your meetings accomplish is scheduling the next meeting, then you need something to help guide your focus. Real-time sales metrics tracking helps you find the true all-star sellers, while giving you concrete areas your underperforming members can improve on.

This helps any sales manager identify the strong and weak links in their team. Now, there’s no longer any room for guessing when you have access to real data and real results. With accurate ways to monitor sales team performance, the entire team is elevated. 

Improved Sales

If you can’t find where to cut back, then maybe it’s not wasted resources that is the problem. Bad sales leads and even worse sales scripts can make conversion rates plummet. With MicroManager, you can track each sales call with ease, finding areas for improvement and increased conversion rates.

This is great for any team attempting to streamline contacting clients, as well as those who plan on sending a variety of communications to leads. Each adjustment made to these scripts, as well as others, can easily provide real-time metrics, allowing you to see how effective each change is.

Make Notes Now!

After meeting with a potential client, sales reps have a hundred different thoughts. Unfortunately, by the time they drive back to the office, they’ve forgotten them all!

One of the best features about MicroManager is the ability to verbally jot down notes with the Dictaphone feature. Just activate the function and talk away; it’ll even make the drive back seem shorter. 

Better yet, reps can share these notes with managers and team members via cloud storage for collaboration made simple. No more typing emails in the parking lot or scribbling hand-written notes that no one can read.  

Better Bean Counting

Sifting through receipts and logs is a pain that no sales manager wants to deal with. Distance tracking, automatic billing, and billing targets are now all possible through Micromanager. Better still is that Micromanager syncs with Xero for even easier accounting.

A Win For All

Whether you are unsure if your sales targets are reachable, or you just need to reduce how much time you’re spending entering receipts, this app can do it all! Whatever your sales team is working on, you can keep track of it all, and more. See what Micromanager can do for you with our 30-day free trial.

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