Enabling Sales Team Tools and Technology

by Lisarna Wynyard

The number of available tools and software choices can be overwhelming. In fact, there comes a point where too many productivity tools wind up hurting rather than helping. So how can you tell which tools will help sales reps and which ones will only hold them back?

The tools your team needs are the ones that will streamline their process, as well as make collaboration simple. These tools should do more set reminders, however, but should add value to your daily operations.

Below are some tools and technology which can better help your team succeed.

Cloud Collaboration

Searching for that one email for a certain attachment is a potentially huge time waster. If your team still relies on sending attachments for every piece of communication, you’re doing it wrong! Not to mention you’re probably putting unnecessary strain on the server end of things.

Instead, the use of cloud storage is ideal for streamlined document sharing and access. There are several options available, from Slack to Asana to name a few. Cloud storage should be secure, simple to use, and allows for easy access at any time.

The downside of many cloud choices is that they tend to collect a little of everything, creating the same problem that emails create. A cloud that creates easy document sharing and organized access is ideal.

Digital Teamwork Tools

Teamwork may make the dream work, but it can also quickly turn into a nightmare. These sales team tools should make working together simple, but it can also lead to the same old problems of a few voices dominating.

Rather than digitizing time-wasting meetings, team building tools should make idea sharing take center stage. By allowing everyone access to sales notes, personal tips, and techniques, the entire team can sell better.

Before signing up for an expensive online meeting service, review the features first. If it simply takes the team from a boardroom to a chat room, you may want to rethink using it.

Sales Maps

While sales maps may seem obvious, not everyone uses them. When a team experiences rapid growth, it can be easy to miss overlapping territories, or giving someone a lead that is too far away to be worth it.

Instead, using sales maps will not only simplify the sales process, but it can lead to a more organized plan of attack. Combined with cloud tools, your team can quickly share documents and take on the right leads in no time. Not only will this lead to better sales metrics, but it can even help cut sales and travel costs.

How Many Is Too Many?

There’s a lot of options on this list to consider. Perhaps too many? At some point, offices begin hoarding productivity apps. Before you know it, your phone is out of storage, you struggle to remember which process goes to which app, and ironically, you’re now less productive than ever.

The best way to combat app fatigue is to centralise your processes into one all-encompassing app.  When you have one app for all your sales tools, it truly streamlines each part of the sales process.

MicroManager is a powerful sales team app that offers digital teamwork tools, sales mapping, cost tracking, and real-time data. This way, both management and sales reps have access to all the tools necessary to be successful.

With MicroManager, you no longer need to sift through paper documents or email folders, no more manual time sheets or call logs. Cloud-based, all in one place, and all accessible from your phone. Now THAT’S productive.

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