Clients questioning invoices? How time tracking software can help.

by Lisarna Wynyard

Let’s be honest, no matter how fantastic your work is, you’ll never find a client who loves receiving your invoices. 

While it’s impossible to take all of the pain out of invoice time for your clients (after all, you’re not a charity!), automated time tracking software is a great way of giving them total transparency around what they’ve been charged for. 

Why’s transparency important? 

Well, if your clients can see exactly how you’ve spent the time you’ve billed them they’re much more likely to see the value in the big number at the bottom of the invoice – not to mention a whole lot less likely to question it!

How automated time tracking software creates totally transparent invoices

Automated time tracking software delivers exactly what it says on the box, so to speak. It automatically tracks your time.

Whether you’re out at a client’s site, on the phone or travelling to a meeting, it captures your actions via your smartphone and adds them to the client’s bill. That means you don’t need to worry about entering your time – when you get back to the office, you’ll see that your time tracker app has already added the charges to the client’s invoice in ‘down to the minute’ detail. 

It also means that, when you come to invoice all of your time, you can give your clients a line by line breakdown of every action that’s contributed to the total bill. 

Automated time tracking software is pretty hard to argue with 

To err is human, there’s just no getting around it. When you’re entering your time manually, the ‘human error factor’ means it’s inevitable that the time you bill won’t ever be exactly the same as the time you’ve worked. This is especially true for professionals who are constantly on the go. It’s pretty hard to keep track of how long you spent on the phone to a client or at their site when your main focus is on getting the job done!

That gives clients an opportunity to question your invoice… Ever had a client ask something along the lines of “Did you really spend 3.5 hours on phone calls for our project last month? That’s seems pretty high!” or “I can’t believe you’re charging us that much for travel!”

When your actions are tracked automatically, by accurate software, there’s no question about how long it took you to complete the task. The time it took is, quite simply, the time it took. 

It’ll also stop you from giving away your time

Ever sat down and scrolled through your call log to work out just how many minutes’ worth of phone conversation you haven’t billed? How about spending an hour or two going back through your appointments to figure out how much time you spent travelling between your office and your clients’? 

We thought not! After all, when business is booming, financial admin tends to fall down the ‘to do’ list. 

Automated time tracking software means every your every productive minute will be captured with total accuracy… No more lost billable time!

Let’s hear it for automated time tracking!

If you’re thinking we might be onto something with this automated time tracking idea… You’re in luck. 

MicroManager is automated time tracking software that helps busy professionals to keep track of every billable minute. It tracks time spent on phone calls, travel and off-site meetings automatically via a smartphone app – so you don’t have to. When you’re back in the office, log into the cloud-based software to enter desk-based tasks as well. 

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