Micromanager - Ease of Use

by Lisarna Wynyard

When you’re always on the go running from client to client, keeping up with your hours can seem like a second job. Luckily, Micromanager is a time keeping app that makes that job much easier.

From managing multiple clients to team members, Micromanager tracks both time and location. The result is increased productivity and a lighter administrative workload.

With so much power in one multi-purpose app, you might expect to need an advanced technical degree to manage it. Fear not, Micromanager was built for daily use by busy professionals just like you.

Simply put, Micromanager is as easy as it is efficient. Here are just a few reasons why Micromanager is the simple solution you’ve been looking for. 

Cloud-based software you can access anywhere

MicroManager is both a mobile time keeping app and a website that you can access anywhere, at any time. Ideal for home healthcare workers, traveling nurses, sales managers, teams, and more, you can access time items, client data, and invoices on demand. 

If you are familiar with other popular mobile applications and features on Apple and Android devices, you will have no problem using MicroManager. Plus, information is shared between devices, so you can track time on your mobile device and review it on your computer when you return to the office. 

Automatically record time without the push of a button

MicroManager uses automated GPS tracking to record your travel time and hours spent with clients at multiple locations.  As long as you’re signed in, the app automatically detects your location and creates a time item. 

When one time item ends, another begins automatically. If for some reason you need to add time manually, MicroManager makes that easy, too. You can schedule a future time item or insert time from the past with one click.  

See all of your clients and team members in one place

You no longer need different tools to monitor your team’s schedule and keep track of client rates and billable hours. 

Managers may view any team member’s real-time location, track performance, and get progress reports in real-time. On the dashboard tab, get auto-generated reports detailing time allocation, client billing, and time spent working or traveling. Each tab is easy to find in the single navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page. 

Also on the online portal, the clients tab keeps track of each client’s hourly rate as well as charges for phone calls and travel. You can also manage their contact information and easily add new clients in one click. Micromanager also generates invoices based on accurately recorded time items so you can invoice with confidence.

The Support You Need to Succeed

Micromanager is designed to be user-friendly and automate as many manual processes as possible, however, should you still need support; Micromanager has you covered. 

Micromanager has a help centre that assists you with getting started, offers support for both the mobile and online platforms, and features tutorial videos for fast learning. 

There are numerous articles on time and GPS tracking, client support, expenses, invoices, billing, and more. You can also submit your own question and solicit answers from the Micromanager community.

This is time tracking made simple. It’s easy to get started with Micromanager today. Only your name and email address is required to get started. Find MicroManager online or download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

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