To Track or Not to Track? This Tracker App is a Must.

by Lisarna Wynyard

Imagine, if you will, having the ability to automatically track your sales team’s daily activities. Being able to know where they are, view sales activity in real-time, and have hyper-accurate accounts of their movements, travel, phone, and client interactions?

If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t! If it sounds a little like “big brother is watching,” it isn’t that either! The truth is that GPS tracking is a lifesaver for teams that work remotely. It helps manage workload, keep employees safe, and increases accountability for all employees as well as their managers.

Employee Safety

Let’s face it, even in today’s online, plugged-in world, there are times when knowing your exact location can come in handy. A tracker app can help with anything from a vehicle breakdown to getting lost in the brush to alerting emergency services in the case of an accident.

If the employee can transmit their location, or if management can do so in the case of an emergency, it can help save lives and avoid catastrophe. 

Shifting the Focus

In the old days, employees tracked distance with a pencil and notebook. However, this is 2017 and there’s a much easier way. By shifting the focus away from manual time and mileage tracking, your team is free to concentrate on more important tasks such as closing deals.

With GPS tracking, sales managers can see exactly where their team members are and even check in with real-time sales tracking. Team members can easily record their travel distance and track their mileage. When it comes time to bill for travel or receive mileage reimbursement; the reports are accurate and secure. Mileage tracking can also be useful when it comes to scheduling maintenance on company vehicles.

Is this magic? No, it’s Micromanager.

The Next Wave of GPS Tracker Apps Is Here

Micromanager is a tracker app designed specifically for employees and teams who bill by the hour and work in a variety of locations. If you spend your day making calls or attending client meetings, then a GPS tracker app is a must have.

From recording time spent on the phone, to automatic distance tracking; Micromanager is an all-in-one tool developed to help teams in the field, no matter what field of work they’re in! 

It’s time to ditch the pen and pencil, close up the file cabinet, and take the next digital step. Micromanager is your one-stop app for everything you need to track and manage your remote team.

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