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About BullRush

Lisarna Wynyard the founder of BullRush started her journey to develop BullRush when her background in telecommunications and technology collided with her experience as a Sales Manager. It was at this stage that Lisarna realised that to become really effective at managing teams she needed real-time information about her teams to help her understand the behaviours of her most successful sales reps so she could then effectively coach her other reps.

This insight plus Lisarnas passion for technology started the BullRush journey of development. During this period it also became apparent that many businesses were losing out on significant revenues purely because time spent on client work was not being recorded accurately (or at all). This was largely due to the reliance on non automated time tracking solutions such as manual time sheets.

From these key insights BullRush was created. So with the help of this clever time tracking app you will never miss any billable hours again.

As testimony to the software that drives BullRush, Reckon has partnered with BullRush to develop a cloud based time keeping app that uses the clever time tracking features of BullRush.