About Bullrush

Our Team Work makes our Dream Work!
We are all about removing stress from your busy day.

Behind the scenes at BullRush we have a dedicated and passionate team.  HQ is based in New Zealand however members of our team are based all around the world including UK and Slovakia. 

Our global team is focused on making BullRush easy to use and providing customers’ worldwide with accurate time information to make their day easier and remove the stress of obtaining and accessing this.

Lisarna Wynyard who founded MicroManager set up the business to solve an issue she was directly experiencing as a Sales Manager.  With a background in technology, Lisarna turned to this space to find a solution to help her understand the behaviours of her successful sales Reps and real-time team information. 

This led to Lisarna’s journey of uncovering the bigger issue around time sheets,  time recording and the significant stress and hassle this causes businesses.  It was these insights coupled with Lisarna’s entrepreneurial spirit that led to the formation of BullRush.

Supporting Lisarna is an extraordinary team made up of Tech Developers, a Business Development Team, and a Marketing and Operations team. 

Underpinning this team is an Advisory Board
made up of experienced business individuals who provide fundamental strategic advice and guidance to the Team and are critical in our helping BullRush pave out expansion plans. 

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