BullRush automatically records and tracks billable time.

  • Track and bill work at client locations automatically
  • Record time spent on phone calls and emails¬†
  • Track distances travelled automatically
  • Set billing targets and monitor progress in real time
  • Real-time sales tracking reports available for management
  • All time accurately accounted for so invoice with confidence
  • Data synced with Xero and Reckon
  • Easily record notes after meetings using Dictaphone functionality
  • Remove manual timesheets

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The timekeeping app for people who use timesheets and work from multiple locations.

Time is money when you charge by the hour. Think about all those hours you've forgotten to track and bill, not to mention the time it takes to regularly fill in timesheets.

BullRush is a time tracker app that records billable hours automatically using GPS tracking capabilities on your mobile device. It automatically captures all time spent at client's sites, travelling and on phone calls so you can at then use this information to create your invoices.

When working from your desk you can easily track time spent on different clients or jobs with a push of a button.

Make sure you record all time spent on client work and with clients - after all the more accurately you track the time the more you can invoice which adds up to more profit with less effort.

Do you want to make more profit with less effort?

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Who should use BullRush?

How much extra could you make?

Phone calls, meetings, travel time… How much are lost minutes costing your team each month? Try our time tracker calculator to find out.

How many people in your company bill by the hour?

What's the average billable hourly rate?

By using BullRush, you could bill an extra:

per year

* Calculated on the basis of an average 8 hours of billable time lost per month, per employee

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Who should use BullRush?

  • Engineers & Architects
  • IT Consultants
  • In-Home Care Workers
  • Accountants & Auditors
  • Creative Agencies
  • Building Contractors
  • Business Advisors
  • Sales Managers & Sales Teams
  • Maintenance Contractors

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